Horn: Big Honking Antique Reproduction Brass Horn

29th August 2010 ( Comments)

Horn: Big Honking Antique Reproduction Brass Horn

This is a Big Honking Horn with Great Sound. Big Deep Horn sound, sounds like your squeezing a big Goose bottom. Perfect for your Road Bike, Fixed Gear, Fixie, Track, Single Speed, Vintage Schwinn, Antique Bicycle Restoration, or Ratty Mc Rat Rod.

This Big Antique Reproduction Brass Horn with Great sound. Horn is about 18" x 10" with 4' in bulb and a 3" horn mouth. This Brass Import horn has a welded on 2 screw mount. Horn can take some engineering to mount. Horn can come with a red or black squeeze bulb. Great Sound, look, and performance for your vintage bicycle restoration or custom chopper project.

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