” The RACYCLE ” Bicycle, Miami Cycle & Manufacturing Company

The Racycle was the top of the line bicycle made by The Miami Cycle & Manufacturing Co. out of Middletown Ohio. Miami Cycle & Manufacturing Company produced high quality Bicycles from the 1990s to the 1920s. The Racycle boasted its unique hanger that provided better balance. You can credit Miami Cycle to be one of the great over designers of the time but that uniqueness also make them so collectible. As a collector your will most likely look past many Miami Bicycles until you are a True Connoisseur and then the Miami Cycle will be on the fore front of your collecting. This is recent haul of Miami Cycle Racycles, Some eye candy you can expect to see patina restored to LuxLow.Com in the Future. Enjoy

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Vintage Prewar 1940 Henderson Schwinn DX Ballooner Bicycle $2700

1940 Henderson AS Schwinn DX Deluxe Fat Tire Cruiser Bike with AS Springer Fork. The Schwinn DX was on of Schwinn’s Mid Grade Bikes. ( Considered the Popular Priced Bike ). Although Not The Top of the Line The DX’s Styling is Very Popular to The Expert and Novice Collector. This Prewar DX is the Rare DX Winged pattern that was only user for 2 Years. This particular Bike was only made in 1940. This Henderson Schwinn DX has Iconic Schwinn Burgundy / Maroon and Cream paint with all the Bells and whistles.

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Hipster Happy Hour Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycles Parts & Vintage Cruiser Bikes 10/25/14

Fixie Single Speed Bike & Vintage Cruiser Bicycle Happy Hour Sale / Open House / Swap. Come Get the Deals on the Parts you need to finish your projects. We are Having Sale with plenty of Cool Bike parts to get you on the road in style. Fixed Gear / Track / Single Speed / Vintage Cruiser Bike & Antique Bicycle Swap ” Buy, Sell ,Trade”. We are blowing out a lot of old items and adding lots of new pimp parts. Frames, Wheelsets, Chains, Cogs, Freewheels, Stems, Seats Bars, Colored tires, Whatnots, Swapits, Jadiwigs, etc. Swaps are typically every 2 weeks from 9 am-1 pm.

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Antique 1921 Pope Columbia Wood Wheel Archbar Roadster Bike $1800

Vintage Columbia Archbar / Truss Bridge Bicycle made by Pope / Westfield Manufacturing. Columbia’s Description in 1921 was “The Columbia Archbar is another Westfield product made up to the same exacting requirements and quality standards that have made Columbia bicycles universally preferred and accepted as “Standard of the World”. Note the famous Columbia roadster type two-piece crank hanger and other important details of up-to-the minute equipment. The extra truss bar not only adds to the attractiveness of the mount, but gives additional strength where bending or fracture is likely to occur.”

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Prewar 1936 AS Schwinn Century Motorbike Straightbar Klunker $1800

Antique 1936 Arnold Schwinn made Century Straightbar Fat Tire Klunker Cruiser Bicycle. This Straight bar Frame is the same frame that is used on Schwinn’s Cycleplane and some Motorbike Bikes, Sometimes called the Excelsior which is considered a Klunker and the beginning of the Mountain Bikes. This Bike is built to provide you with a Beautiful piece of History and a Quality Prewar bike that is 70 Plus years Old with New Paint, Nice Original Parts, Rebuilt and Preserved, Ready to Be ridden every Day in Style and Comfort.

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