Antique 1912 Shapleigh Hardware Wonder Wood Wheel Bicycle

This Vintage 1912 Wonder was the in house bike brand offered from the Shapleigh Hardware Store. Augustus F. Shapleigh had a history in the hardware industry and in the mid 1800s moved to St. Louis Missouri Considered The Gateway to the West. In St. Louis A. F. Shapleigh developed a highly successful nationwide hardware chain called A. F. Shapleigh Hardware. A. F. Shapleigh hardware stores had a long run out lasting many competitors, staying in business up until 1960s. It is known that Shapleigh had some of there bikes made by Pope / Columbia and this one is Pope manufactured.

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Antique 1919 Simmons Hardware Autocycle Wood Wheel Bicycle $1490

This Vintage 1919 Autocycle Motorbike was the Top of the Line Bike offered from the E. C. Simmons Hardware Stores. Simmons Hardware was founded by Edward Campbell Simmons in the 1870s in St. Louis, Missouri and grew to a highly successful nationwide hardware chain. Simmons hardware flourished up until 1922 when it was acquired by Winchester Repeating Arms Still Badged Simmons and then acquired by Shapleigh Hardware Company in 1940 Most Likely no longer Simmons but Badged Shapleigh. Simmons Hardware offered few different Bike models and parts to go with them. Some Later Simmons Bicycles were made by Colson Corporation, but this early one remains a mystery, to the best of my knowledge it is made by Michigan City Excelsior. Simmons was a well trusted hardware store and sold a lot of bikes that are unique with quality construction.

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Vintage 1915 Schwinn Built Hawthorne Motorbike Bicycle $1650

This Stylish bike is a 1915 Wards Hawthorne Deluxe Motorbike that was made by Arnold Schwinn & Company. There are a few years in the mid to late teens that Schwinn supplied bicycles to the Wards Department stores to be badged their house brand ” Hawthorne “. Early Schwinns are not very common nor are Schwinn built Hawthornes thus making this bike quite a find. This Hawthorne Bike has some original paint, lots of patina, a total rebuild, and a New Patina Lux Low 28″ wheel set with better than original performance.

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Antique 1911 Rambler Roadster Racer Wood Wheel Bicycle $1230

This Old Rambler Racer / Boulevardier has seen some use but still survives today. The Rambler Brand Bicycle was first produced by “G&J ” Gormully & Jeffery Mfg. Co. who produced Quality Bicycles in the High Wheel and Safety Bicycle Eras. In 1900 Rambler bicycle Brand was sold and produced under the ABC Umbrella and Thomas P. Jeffery perused the making of the Rambler Automobile. The (ABC) American Bicycle Company was a trust or Bicycle Manufacturers that were grouped together to survive the Bicycle Industries Economic down turn coming out of the 1890s Bicycle Boom.

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1947 Vintage Rat Rod Planes & Trains Schwinn DX Cruiser Bike $675

A Classic AS Schwinn built Planes & Trains DX Rat Rod Ballooner bicycle with Great Patina. A Classic paper boy Rat Rod with unique aged paint made up of over spray with original orange and red paint coming through. This Early Schwinn DX Ballooner rides smooth, looks bad, and will get you there in style and comfort.

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