1940 Dayton Huffman Long Tank Twin-Flex Suspension Bicycle $$$$

This Vintage Prewar Ballooner Beast is a Huffman made 1940 Twin Flex Fat Tire Cruiser Bike. 1940 was the Last Year of the Twin Flex Dual Suspension Frame & Fork and the first year for two years for the Amazing Long Tank. The Twin Flex was Huffmans Top of the line, although it was an innovative bike the first release was flawed. The first Release was called the “Death Bike” and after a rocky start the Twin Flex Line was retooled and released, Unfortunately the Twin Flex Line Suffered Popularity Due to it’s Rocky Start. This 1940 Long Tank Twin-Flex is Quite Rare and is a prime example of a bike released right before World War 2.

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1950 Violet Schwinn New World Sports Tourist 3 Speed Bike $650

This is a Vintage 1950 Arnold Schwinn New World Sports Tourist Bicycle in a Seldom Scene Early Violet. The Schwinn New World was one of Schwinn’s Lightweight Bicycle in the Popular Price Range. The New World came in solid colors with decals, this Bike appears to be a Metallic which is odd for a 1950s bicycle since most metallics were not sold by Schwinn till the 1960s.

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Amazing Antique 1935 Sears Elgin Falcon Ballooner Bicycle $3900

This Vintage 1935 Elgin Falcon prewar bike was made by Columbia / Westfield manufacturing for the Sears department stores. The Falcon was one of Elgin’s first fat tire cruiser bikes, boasting a smooth soft balloon tire ride, and motorcycle styling. As you can see, the styling on this antique ballooner bike is unmatched. The Falcon has a streamlined automobile type Twin-bar frame, a hanging tool box tank, rugged rear carrier, deluxe bucket saddle, crossed braced handle bars, rear drop stand, light, speedometer, and siren.

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Antique Pierce Arrow Street Racer Wood Wheel Track Bicycle $1500

This Vintage Pierce Street Racer Bike was made by The Pierce Cycle Company in Buffalo, New York somewhere in 1906 to 1916. The George N. Pierce Company started manufacturing bicycles in 1891 and later produced Motorcycles and the Pierce Arrow Automobile. The Pierce Arrow name also made it to quite a few Pierce Bicycles. Pierce was a well respected name, back in the day, producing quality bicycles with out a inflated price. Pierce Cycles are highly collectible because of their Unique and Superior Construction, Widely considered the upper echelon of Antique Bicycles.

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Prewar 1936 AS Schwinn Century Motorbike Straightbar Klunker $1800

Antique 1936 Arnold Schwinn made Century Straightbar Fat Tire Klunker Cruiser Bicycle. This Straight bar Frame is the same frame that is used on Schwinn’s Cycleplane and some Motorbike Bikes, Sometimes called the Excelsior which is considered a Klunker and the beginning of the Mountain Bikes. This Bike is built to provide you with a Beautiful piece of History and a Quality Prewar bike that is 70 Plus years Old with New Paint, Nice Original Parts, Rebuilt and Preserved, Ready to Be ridden every Day in Style and Comfort.

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