1894 Antique Sterling Safety Bicycle. Built Like a Watch. $3800

The Sterling was 19th century American fixed gear safety bike, made by Sterling Bicycle Co. aka “Sterling Cycle Works”. The Sterling has incredible craftsmanship and was known and sold as the Bicycle “Built like a watch”. Sterling Cycle Works manufactured bicycles from 1894 to 1898 at its factory in Chicago, Illinois. In 1899 Sterling move to Kenosha, Wisconsin and the company was sold later that year.

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Lux Low Winter 2015 Antique Bike Swapping & Social Road Trip

It’s been a while since LuxLow has been on the road swapping and picking bikes, but with this years Cheap Gas Prices we had to take the show on the Road. Previously we had abandoned swaps due to High Gas Prices and the INTERWEBS and the Salty Swappers they Produce. Come on People, You can get value from ebay if you take out the 15% for fees, the 20% for your time listing and shipping, 5% for cash, and throw in another 5% for being Social and getting off your ass. We sell a ton on ebay. yet this is a good formula for local swap sales. Enough with the Rant, whether swaps are a dieing breed or not, they are fun, and my favorite shopping, bike people are characters and we are always amazed to see something we have never seen before. Good Times.

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1940 Dayton Huffman Long Tank Twin-Flex Suspension Bicycle $$$$

This Vintage Prewar Ballooner Beast is a Huffman made 1940 Twin Flex Fat Tire Cruiser Bike. 1940 was the Last Year of the Twin Flex Dual Suspension Frame & Fork and the first year for two years for the Amazing Long Tank. The Twin Flex was Huffmans Top of the line, although it was an innovative bike the first release was flawed. The first Release was called the “Death Bike” and after a rocky start the Twin Flex Line was retooled and released, Unfortunately the Twin Flex Line Suffered Popularity Due to it’s Rocky Start. This 1940 Long Tank Twin-Flex is Quite Rare and is a prime example of a bike released right before World War 2.

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1950 Violet Schwinn New World Sports Tourist 3 Speed Bike $650

This is a Vintage 1950 Arnold Schwinn New World Sports Tourist Bicycle in a Seldom Scene Early Violet. The Schwinn New World was one of Schwinn’s Lightweight Bicycle in the Popular Price Range. The New World came in solid colors with decals, this Bike appears to be a Metallic which is odd for a 1950s bicycle since most metallics were not sold by Schwinn till the 1960s.

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Amazing Antique 1935 Sears Elgin Falcon Ballooner Bicycle $3900

This Vintage 1935 Elgin Falcon prewar bike was made by Columbia / Westfield manufacturing for the Sears department stores. The Falcon was one of Elgin’s first fat tire cruiser bikes, boasting a smooth soft balloon tire ride, and motorcycle styling. As you can see, the styling on this antique ballooner bike is unmatched. The Falcon has a streamlined automobile type Twin-bar frame, a hanging tool box tank, rugged rear carrier, deluxe bucket saddle, crossed braced handle bars, rear drop stand, light, speedometer, and siren.

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