Vintage Red Iver Johnson Truss Bridge Road Racer Track Bike $2250

Seldom seen Red Iver Johnson Arch Bar Fixed Gear Road Racer Bicycle from the early 1930s. Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, famous for there iconic Truss Bridge Bicycles and Fire Arms, were built in Fitchburg Massachusetts from the late 1890s till they closed their doors in the 1940s. Iver Johnson Bicycles are amazing machines with gun smithing quality and detail. Iver Johnson’s are unique with proprietary parts like no other, this ads to there value and rarity.

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Hipster Happy Hour / Open House – Fixed Gear & Vintage Cruiser Bike Parts Galore – Spring Swaps 6/25

Fixie Single Speed Bike & Vintage Cruiser Bicycle Happy Hour Sale / Open House / Swap. Come Get the Deals on the Parts you need to finish your projects. We are Having Sale with plenty of Cool Bike parts to get you on the road in style. Fixed Gear / Track / Single Speed / Vintage Cruiser Bike & Antique Bicycle Swap ” Buy, Sell ,Trade”. We are blowing out a lot of old items and adding lots of new pimp parts. Frames, Wheelsets, Chains, Cogs, Freewheels, Stems, Seats Bars, Colored tires, Whatnots, Swapits, Jadiwigs, etc. Swaps are typically every 2 weeks from 9 am-1 pm.

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2016 Denver Cruiser Ride and The Dirty Crew Rouge Ride ” We Ride You Long Time!”

A New Denver Cruisers Season is upon us and we are Ready to Ride! Really Ride ! Last Year The Dirty South Side Ride was a Great Group and Rode You Long Time. This Year DCRR or Dirty Crew Rouge Ride will do the same with Bad Azz Bikes, Long Flowing Rides, Unified Music, Good People and Vibes. The Dirty Crew “We Ride You Long Time!”

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Vintage 1939 Schwinn New World Fixed Gear Track Racer Bike $2400

This Prewar New World Bicycle was Schwinn’s third offering to an ever growing global lightweight market. The New World was considered a consumer line to the Superior and Paramount line of Lightweight Track Racers and Touring Bikes. This Green 1939 New World Racer Featured: the Latest approved racing lines, Superior 3 piece cranks, sprocket, Schwinn Dural racing hubs, wood road racing rims, tubular tires, track drop handle bars, Brooks saddle, and light weight pedals.

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1898 Antique Davis Dayton Model 22 Special Road Racer Bike $2950

This beautiful old 1898 olive green Dayton Model 22 Special Road Racer Fixed Gear Bicycle was manufactured by the Davis Sewing Machine Company out of Dayton Ohio. Dayton Bicycles were high quality, light weight, and considered a Premiere Bicycle of the era. This Special Road Racer was a reinforced version of their Special Track Racer and was suitable for street use. Davis Sewing Machine Company also produced the rare Harley Davidson Bicycle, but being a true bicycle enthusiast “The Dayton” has more credibility in my book.

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